We are the beggars at the gate. Vanguards of the coming awakening. A burst of light, to illuminate the grim, twisted trails of Laurel Canyon. A deliverance from the vast wasteland of runny-nosed boy bands, hollow-headed poseurs, mind-controlled puppets, and assorted useful idiots. A band of brothers unchained from the putrid manifestations of the controllers, scabrous corporate miscreants, and slithery spooks. An unerring light casting its brilliance, scattering truth, demanding justice, and dissolving the solitude and confusion of that dark night.

So, we are born into this hard world, rendered upon Caeser and his miscreants. With each successive generation, the controllers tightening their grip, poisoning the waters, sacrificing the air, and widening the depths of servitude and despair. Such devilish plans incrementally more evil and desperate. There is no earthly kingdom to be sought. You are your own kingdom. Build your own castle, perched upon the battered cliff, as an imperfect being seeking perfection, a bastion against the flaming arrows of unworthy power and avarice, and the relentless waves banging at its towers.

Make alliances with others of similar mind and spirit, in defense against such malicious invaders. Stand before the formidable gates, and seek redemption in those tall towers. We are all but beggars, seeking entry into our own salvation. So, we stand, as beggars at the gate. Find courage and strength. Find knowledge, logic, and understanding. All of these qualities are within your possession, free from taxation, fines or punishment. For, the sun shines equally upon the rich and the poor, upon the wicked and the fair. Truth is found only in the singular, but is not a lonely word. It is a gift of your creation. Available to all. Humble, but unbroken.

We are the beggars at the gate.