The Appetite of the beast

The Appetite Of The Beast otherwise known as Give It To Me by Beggars At The Gate is a song which explores the concept of the beast.  The beast, a concept embodied in the conjuring of Satan, Lucifer, and other mystical creations.  Is it a manifestation of evil?  Does evil in fact, exist?  The qualities and quantities destructive to truth.  Are the scientific descriptions of entropy the better description of the deleterious forces that oppose the creations of our physical and perhaps, metaphysical world?  Are such forces, creation, or even part of what humans generally conceive of as God?
As rust is inexorable, does the beast also pursue its function in such a manner?  The beast reveals itself in many forms.   The beast will always seek its own enlargement.  As the sun and the moon are divine opposites, so perhaps, are good and evil.  Wrong and right.  Day and Night.  Can one exist without the other?