Pink Like A Pig is a song or music presentation by Beggars At The Gate.  This musical track is a relatively new version of Pink Like A Pig.  This song features the guitar virtuoso of Pasquini, combined with Ted Owen on percussion, and Jay Weller on bass.  Jay Weller also provides the lyrics and vocals on this song.

Pink Like A Pig begins with a more comical lyrical presentation and becomes more aggressive and rebellious in its presentation.  As the lyrics begin, “I am pink like a pig, I don’t wear a wig, a dark wool knit hat, long nose like a rat, have darkened sunglasses….”  As the song continues, the lyrics become darker and more aggressive, “I’m pink like a pig, But don’t put a rope on my neck, To yank back my head, “’cause for your truffles won’t dig,  won’t do the jig, won’t do your gig” and “You may have a big farm, animals on alarm, set against each ‘arn…..”  The song ends with a warning to potential oppressors, “I’ll fight with my hoofs, throw you’re a** of the roof, you yank back my head, you might end up dead…..”

Pink Like A Pig is a song that can be interpreted on numerous levels.  At the most basic level, the song is comical and frivolous.  At a secondary level, there are allusions to such concepts as presented in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.  At the deeper level, Pink Like A Pig is a statement of the present condition of man, and an utterance of rebellion.

The author wrestled with the final line in the song which is “You yank back my head, you might end up dead.”  A competing line is “You yank back my head, this pig will turn red.”  The first line supposes some form of violence as a reaction to the oppressive actions by the engineers of human enslavement, the powers that be, or however one describes the individuals, collective group or groups or whatever dynamic creates, perpetuates, or continues the malicious oppression of the majority of human existence and consciousness.

Any real rebellion or change will likely not arrive at the point of a spear.  Any change will arrive through an evolution of collective consciousness, intent and attitude.

A song by Beggars At The Gate.  Pink Like A Pig.

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